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Which Free Agent Quarterback Might Best Fit Mike McCoy’s Offense?

The Arizona Cardinals hired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy yesterday and currently sit without a quarterback to lead the team. Which free agent could they bring in for McCoy to build his offense around?

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Mike McCoy is officially on board with the Arizona Cardinals after weeks of speculation that he could be the guy to come in and lead the offense under a new head coach. As Seth noted in a previous article, McCoy will likely look to employ the “Erhardt-Perkins” system, which is a run-heavy offense. That seems especially likely given the talent he has at running back now with David Johnson and potentially Adrian Peterson.

But unfortunately, teams can’t run the ball on every down. They are going to have plenty of situations where they will have to pass it, even when the defense knows it’s coming. Plus, it will be imperative to have a healthy passing offense to keep defenses honest.

Even if Steve Keim selects a quarterback in the draft, he will probably look to supplement that by signing an experienced veteran. So which free agent signal caller would make the most sense for his offense? Let’s look at a few.

Drew Stanton- Stanton is a decent in-house candidate to at least be a bridge guy for a year or so. He’s familiar with the organization, has a rapport with his offensive teammates and has shown he can win some games for your team if needed. Is he going to lead you to a Super Bowl as a former backup a la Nick Foles? Probably not. But he’s an option the Cardinals will probably at least examine.

Brock Osweiler- Formerly a successful backup under Mike McCoy, Osweiler earned himself a huge free agent contract from the Houston Texans a couple of years ago, but that didn’t work out whatsoever. Now set to become a free agent, Osweiler has familiarity with McCoy’s offense. Again, he’s not going to blow you away with talent, but he could be an inexpensive bridge guy as well.

Kirk Cousins- The prized free agent of the offseason, Cousins may not return to Washington and could opt to test the free agent waters. Think about this: can you remember a time where Cousins has had a dominant running game to support him in his pro career? If he came to Arizona, he would. If they can get Cousins a couple good receivers and shore up the offensive line, watch out. Of course, to do this they would have to get really creative with the cap.

Teddy Bridgewater- Personally, this is my favorite option. Bridgewater is in the process of rebounding from a horrific knee injury and at just 25 years old, he could come fairly cheap and with tons of upside. At his age and cost effectiveness, Teddy could serve as a bridge guy or possibly even your quarterback of the future. He has worked in an offense that was heavy on the run with Adrian Peterson before, so he would be familiar with what would be expected of him in the desert. Again, this is the best option in my eyes (and I may be skewed because I loved him coming out of college). but it remains to be seen if the Vikings will let him get away.

What are your thoughts? Which free agent (or potential free agent) QB makes the most sense for Arizona?