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Kolton Miller: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

The Arizona Cardinals need help along the offensive line, could the former Bruin offer it?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 09 Hawaii at UCLA Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kolton Miller - Offensive Tackle UCLA - Redshirt Junior 6’8’’, 310 Pounds

Offensive lineman are very hard to predict when transferring their games from college to the pros. It’s not that they don’t become eventual pro-bowlers, it’s just that they aren’t going to the pro bowl ranks until they’ve adjusted to the faster, bulkier defensive lineman and linebackers in this league. I don’t know if Kolton Miller can be an eventual pro-bowler, but he’s definitely worth analyzing.

Strengths: Trust what you see on tape with Kolton Miller; he’s instinctively quick off his release, strong, brutal against run defenses, and shows a strong base against pass-rushers. He’s not heavily hyped, but be ready for that to change, Miller has some tools. Built like an elongated stretch armstrong. I see Miller bend his hips, and shock defenders with a strong punch. Just a solid blocker on both sides of the ball. Will ride you out of bounds because of his mean streak.

Weaknesses: His switches in college are weak; he doesn’t seem to communicate the switch correctly, or maybe reacts too slowly. I think it’s a combination of both. Although he plays both the run and pass very well, seems to be less ferocious on passing plays, and can be outplayed when worn down.

Cardinals Summary: Listen to me when I say this, it’s very difficult to switch from left tackle to right tackle. Going from college to the pros, tackles struggle the most during their rookie season, but that doesn’t mean the Cardinals should shy away from taking one. I think that the Cardinals should take a chance on Kolton Miller, if given the chance, but it’s slim pickings. You might need to trade up to get Kolton Miller.

Projected: Top-15

Stats: None

Pro Comparison: Jake Matthews - Atlanta Falcons