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Arizona Cardinals introduce Mike McCoy as offensive coordinator: Highlights from his press conference

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Get the lowdown on Mike McCoy's introductory press conference as Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator.

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

While the hiring of Mike McCoy as OC came as somewhat of a disappointment to some of us, including myself, having heard what i heard from McCoy today, I completely understand why Steve Wilks, MB&SK tabbed him. This seems like a compatible fit, more so than i first imagined.


* Said he talked to several people in Carolina and was impressed with what he heard about Steve Wilks.

* Said he has maintained a relationship over the years with MB&SK and appreciated their interest in him for HC in 2013.

* When asked about where the priority is in terms of scheme or matchups, MM’s response was “the priority is the players.”

* The scheme will be dictated on the strengths of the players.

* He called Larry Fitzgerald and Fitz asked him if he would consider keeping a similar play calling terminology, MM said that having worked with Whiz he’s familiar with the Whiz/BA terminology so he is willing to adapt some of the familiar terminology.

* He said that Fitz sounded excited. Kurt Warner said to Bickley today that he believes Fitz wants to keep playing.

* Regarding picking the QBs he said they have a lot of hard work to do to find the right QBs, but “it’s a great challenge,” “I am excited about it.”

* When asked about style of QB, MM said that the game has changed “since Tim Tebow came into the league” and that the only thing that matters is finding a QB “who is going to win you a lot of games.”

* ‘It’s all about winning and adjusting to your personnel.”* When asked about a FB---he said, “if we have a FB on the roster and we think he can help us, yes.”

* QBs “come in all shapes and sizes.” Went from Rodney Peete to Jake Delhomme...from Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning, and then Philip Rivers in San Diego.

* “It’s all about how to push the right buttons” in each player, as every player is a little different.

Steve Wilks stressed one of his own coaching mantras of “clean---concise---clarity” and wanting a staff who is in “constant communication.” Wilks said “I believe in empowering people.” With regard to Mike McCoy, Wilks said that McCoy is the kind of communicator and experienced coach that he wants to work with and in terms of what the style of offense will be, Wilks emphasized that McCoy “is not locked into a system.”

The Cardinals are keeping all options open---which should please the skeptics like myself who wondered just how flexible and amenable they are to considering different styles of offense and QBs.

McCoy was very humble about his career path---he thanked all the coaches he’s learned from (George Siefert was his first HC in Carolina)---and when asked by Bickley about getting fired in san Diego and in Denver, McCoy said “I learned something every day” and that he intends to keep on learning, to keep growing and to keep on adjusting to the players he works with.

McCoy also stressed that game plans will change from week to week depending on the opponent and depending on which players are in the lineup.

McCoy’s flexibility seems for real.