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Four Arizona Cardinals coaching candidates will make a big impression on Steve Keim and Michael Bidwill

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A look at four of the candidates who are lined up for interviews this week.

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are on the hunt for a new head coach to follow up the success of Bruce Arians.

Here are four known candidates that could knock their interviews out of the park.

1. Mike Munchak (PIT)---He's a PA guy from Scranton and one of the best, if not the best OL coaches in the NFL. He was a dominant All-Pro LG. Steve Keim and Munchak are in many ways a perfect match. It would be nice vindication for Keim if Munchak gets the most out of recent draft picks Humphries, Boehm and Holden, (and UDFAs Wetzel and Munyer) in addition to the couple OL or UFAs they will acquire this year.

It will be very interesting for MB&SK to hear what Munchak's package of coaches (OC, DC, STC) would be. One advantage of this hire would be having a HC who is not going to be the OC or DC...which is an added burden on any HC, especially time-wise.

One irony is that Munchak was fired after 3 years of being the Titans' HC because he refused to fire some of his assistant coaches, whom then GM Tommy Smith said had to go.

2. Matt Patricia (NE)---If the Cardinals want to go from old school and zoom quickly into the 21st century, Patricia is the high-tech rocket scientist who has cultivated the formula. I think MB and SK are going to be blown away when they learn how Patricia saved Bill B. three hours a day with his tech innovations for film study. Plus, they will be blown away when Patricia shows them the prep work he did on analyzing BA's play-calling tendencies. Patricia's meticulous preparation and work ethic are off the charts.

Not sure what coaching package (OC, DC, STC) he will present, but I would bet that Patricia's choices would be smart and very well vetted.

3. Pat Shurmur (MIN)---Shurmur will put on a play design and play calling clinic for MB&SK. He will explain to them why UFA Case Keenum is playing at such a high level and why they could come as a package deal, with the thought of drafting a QB to groom for the future. Shurmur may also have other UFA QBs in mind and a few aces up his the guy he wants to bring with him as DC.

4. John DeFilippo (PHI)---MB&SK are getting with him Friday in Philadelphia and they are going to be blown away by his energy, his QB training philosophies and how extremely well prepared he will be for this interview. Flip will have a detailed plan with precise ideas as to the QBs he wants, the style of play he would bring and the defensive coordinator he thinks would be perfect match for the Cardinals' defense.

All 4 of these candidates are available this week, as all their teams have a bye week during Wild Card weekend. It would not surprise me if the Cardinals put an offer on the table to one of these 4 candidates by the end of the weekend, with the hope of sealing the deal by Monday or Tuesday. Michael Bidwill loves to act on instincts and I think he will make a sharp and intuitive decision.