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Kurt Benkert: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

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Benkert is a redshirt senior quarterback with mobility and upside, is he a fit for the Arizona Cardinals?

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Kurt Benkert - Quarterback
Virginia - Redshirt Senior
6’3’’, 220 Pounds

I have had some Cardinal fans ask about the Cardinals possibly drafting Kurt Benkert, and so I decided to research the young man. I wasn’t disappointed whatsoever. I watched a few games on Benkert and noticed the few characteristics that makes this kid so successful at Virginia.

Strengths: Talk about the ability to thread the needle, Benkert is one of those quarterbacks that seems very accurate on those mid balls. Even when the pressure is coming down on Benkert, he is able to keep his eyes downfield. I think he has some of the best pinpoint accuracy in this draft on those mid-range balls. He can go from read-to-read fluently on what seems like most three step drops. His size is great for the next level, and makes great throws when the pocket closes in. Good at scrambling when needed. Wasn’t overly accurate, but that could be blamed on the lack of talent around Benkert.

Weaknesses: An East Carolina transfer who went from one spread option team to another. I think ‘eye-balls’ his target, which can give an advantage to the opposing teams defense. Benkert tends to float long balls a little bit and seems to field the ball more like a long punt. Not someone you want to start from day one, but with some development, he’s a gamer.

Cardinals Summary: The Cardinals, no doubt, will take a quarterback at some point in the draft. The more and more I watch film on Benkert, the more I felt comfortable with the idea of taking a day two pick on him. I need to develop him in a pro-style system, but he has great leadership abilities. I would want a guy like Benkert on my team.

Projected: 3rd-5th Round
Stats: 298 completions, 509 attempts, 58.5% completion, 25 touchdowns, 9 interceptions
Pro Comparison: Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals