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Wilks & Arizona Cardinals Coordinators: Clear and Concise

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The new coach and coordinators have a clear vision they want to execute.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When speaking at OC Mike McCoy’s press conference, Steve Wilks reiterated his coaching philosophy of being “clear and concise.” He said that in filling out his staff he is looking for coaches who are excellent teachers—ones who can relate to a wide variety of personas.

With Steve Willks—the early impression is—the words and the music match.

Wilks does not seem the least bit over-awed by the job. He is very careful and clear about the things he says. His sincerity is a good deal louder than his words. One could tell that he found exactly what he was looking for in McCoy, Rodgers and Holcomb. Therefore, he could have easily gushed about them during the intros, instead he empowered them with his trust and the belief that they will breed the kind of consistent effort and achievement they are looking for.

When Wilks talks about individual players, he keeps it real. He said that he believes it is of paramount importance to listen to the players (to learn and know what they are seeing), but ultimately he and the coaches are going to what’s best for the team.

When Wilks talked about special teams—he said he expects every player on the roster to view it as a “privilege” to play STs and an opportunity to help the team win.

With Wilks, McCoy, STC Jeff Rodgers and DC Al Holcomb, the most salient common denominator—is their individual and collective poise. Wilks has made it crystal clear what their roles are—he wants to have hand in all three phases and he said that he believes coordinators should be hired to call the plays. In fact, just when some might have thought he would spend more time with the defense, the reverse is true. He said that because he and Al Holcomb have worked together for many years, he knows that Holcomb will be in lock-step with their common philosophy—that they share the same defensive “DNA.”

At the press conferences, all three of the newly appointed coordinators elected not to make in-depth introductory comments in favor of getting right to the Q&As. They all wanted to get to the point.

What was so common about their answers to the questions was how measured, grounded and even-keeled that all are. These answers were very Patriots’-esque. Informative and direct, no fluff.

When asked about individual players, particularly the star players—none of the took them bait. Instead of gushing about a player’s talent, their comments were more on the line of “I’m excited to meet with him and work with him.”

Holcomb even mentioned how important it is for the coaches and the players to embrace the team’s “core values.” That the most important one of all “is try to get better every meeting and each and every day.”

When we were first introduced to Steve Wilks he said something very similar about how expects that once the players enter the building each day, they make it their goal to put everything else aside and get to work—that not only this is expected from the players—but from everyone who works at the facility, including the maintenance and cafeteria staff.

In conclusion, Wilks and his coaches are making clear that—this is just the beginning—the hard work is ahead of them—they are up for the day to day challenge—and they fully intend to do what Steve Wilks urges most: “finish in every aspect.”