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Desmond Harrison: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

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The Arizona Cardinals could get a big time prospect with potential for new OL coach Ray Brown.

Kansas State v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Desmond Harrison - Offensive Tackle
West Georgia - Redshirt Senior
6’7’’, 279 Pounds

I think, like all years, this will be a strong class for the small-school prospect, and kids like Desmond Harrison, Timon Parris (Stony Brook), and Brandon Parker (North Carolina A&T) are going to rise. With the popularity of the small-school prospect, we could hear Harrison’s name early, and that’s because of his raw ability.

Strengths: A nimble athlete on his feet, seems like a big offensive tackle that can handle the speed rush at the next level, and plays with a solid weight distribution. His balance from the snap is great and he consistently stands players up. Loves to be nasty at from the start of the whistle until the refs decide the defenders had enough. I love his athletic ability, which is probably his best attribute.

Weaknesses: Harrison showed up to the Senior Bowl at 279 pounds, and even though he’d probably be the fastest lineman in the draft, he didn’t seem to have the strength desired for the position. I love his athletic ability, but his inability to attack at the second level is disheartening. In some respects, he is very raw, and you would need to send a chip block to assist Desmond Harrison early in his career. Was kicked off the Texas Longhorns under Charlie Strong for multiple failed drug tests, but has been a model citizen since.

Cardinals Summary: Raw is a good issue for Desmond Harrison, because he’s developing different aspects to his game. If you wanted to play Harrison from day one, you could comfortably do so, and wouldn’t feel bad about it. His past and size is questionable, but I think he has great attributes to become a find in the mid-rounds.

Projected: 2nd-4th Round
Stats: None
Pro Comparison: Jason Spriggs - Green Bay Packers