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Arizona Cardinals send Steve Keim to see Josh Allen live at Bowl Game

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The Cardinals sent their GM to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl to see Josh Allen live.

NCAA Football: Potato Bowl-Central Michigan vs Wyoming Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The question is simply this… How serious are the Arizona Cardinals in searching for their quarterback of the future?

Well, the answer is simply, very.

We know they spend time working over each prospect to get to know them, but this season it was even more important.

That’s because the Cardinals are now in need of any quarterback that is available since they have a grand total of zero on their roster for 2018.

That’ll change obviously, but with who?

We know of at least one quarterback they’ve sent the big guy too, and it’s the one that’s going to take the most evaluating to pull the trigger on.

Steve Keim was in attendance at the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl to watch the one and only Josh Allen live.

It didn’t get near the publicity that John Elway did going there, but it makes sense.

According to Eric Galko, the Allen hype in the top ten is off:

Even though NFL teams like Allen, it’s a big leap to take him within the top 10 picks because of his woeful production and inconsistency. Some teams that might have substantial interest in Allen: the Steelers, the Chargers (who are looking to mimic the Chiefs’ drafting of Patrick Mahomes a year ago) and, as a dark horse, the Packers.

Does that mean Allen is not on the Cardinals radar or they’d sit and see if he fell?

What do you think?