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Arizona Cardinals quarterback search is being done, even without a head coach

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The Cardinals quarterback predictions are rolling in, even if they don’t have a head coach yet.

Wild Card Round - Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

With the Arizona Cardinals hot on the trail of a new head coach and no quarterbacks on their roster you can look at the Cardinals coaching situation as a chance at a blank slate or it looks like a bad situation.

That’s why the continued articles about the Arizona Cardinals and being linked to quarterbacks is so interesting.

Why are the Cardinals being linked to quarterbacks without a coach who is in tow?

That leads me to a couple of thoughts:

  1. Steve Keim has his plan of action for a new quarterback, no matter the coach. He knows the biggest failure of the Bruce Arians era, outside of not winning a Super Bowl, is the fact that the team was not prepared for this. They don’t have a single quarterback under contract, they didn’t prepare for life after Palmer, they are in the same situation that the Cardinals were post Carson Palmer.
  2. They’re not interested in any of these quarterbacks, the media is creating a story. Not that they are not interested, but they are not going to make a decision about a quarterback, bridge or of the future, without a head coach or offensive coordinator in tow. Why saddle a coach with someone they don’t want?

In the end, the Cardinals are in a position they have been in far too often while in the desert. Searching for an answer at quarterback.

Yet, I don’t know if finding an answer at quarterback with no coach is the best order to go in.