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Arizona Cardinals best of 2017

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The best of an average season for the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

It was a struggle to get to .500, but the Arizona Cardinals found a way, despite the injuries, the uncertainty and the mistakes early in the seasons, they found a way to crawl back to 8-8 and send Bruce Arians out on top.

Here were the best things about the 2017 season for the Arizona Cardinals.

Bruce Arians finale

It was exactly the way the coach drew it up. Sure, Carson Palmer was his quarterback, but Drew Stanton was the first move Arians had Steve Keim make when he got to town. So, it was a fitting end to get a win with Arians and Stanton to leave as the king of the wins mountain for the Arizona Cardinals.

Larry Fitzgerld

We still don’t know if this was the end, but if it was, the swan song was just as good as the hits. Fitz will go down as the greatest Cardinal ever, and one of the best wide receivers to ever step onto a football field.

Kerwynn Williams/Elijhaa Penny

He lost his starting job, then got it back via injuries and late in the season, he answered the bell. He is not a starting caliber running back, but he offered the Arizona Cardinals enough in the running game. Coupled with the emergence of Penny, you have to feel good about the Arizona Cardinals running back situation with a healthy David Johnson and T.J. Logan.

Olsen Pierre

The Cardinals found a dynamic, upfield athlete along the defensive line and they didn’t even have to draft him. Pierre finished second on the team in sacks with 5.5 and tackles for loss with nine. Pierre is entering his prime and will be a big factor moving forward.

Corey Peters

Another one of those players who we don’t talk much about, but you could see the difference when he was not on the field, especially against the run. They signed him to a three year extension that should set Peters up for the rest of his career.

Tramon Williams

What a late year addition... Wait, you mean he was on the roster from the beginning? Well, I’ll be. Williams had a great season at 34, and deserves a chance moving into 2018.

The safeties

I could not single one out, but Tyvon Branch and Antoine Bethea early and Budda Baker and Tyrann Mathieu late, the Cardinals got everything and more out of their safeties in 2017. Give me all of them back in 2018, yes all of them.

Andy Lee

All I can say about Lee is... Thank goodness.

There was probably more, and I am sure I missed someone, what did you think?