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Tuesday Night Open Thread: Arizona Cardinals coaching staff is a changin'

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The veterans on the staff are moving on and the OC is being looked at for a new job.

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The exodus has begun.

Not that it was any surprise, but the Arizona Cardinals will be losing a lot of experience and knowledge from their 2018 coaching staff, as Tom Moore, Tom Pratt and Larry Zierlein are all retiring according to Mike Jurecki.

None of those names come as a surprise, but the more interesting note coming out is that

Harold Goodwin is being looked at by teams now, but as an offensive coordinator, this includes the Carolina Panthers.

It’s not surprising in that Goodwin is respected throughout the league, however it does spell the likely end to Goodwin’s time in Arizona which means one of two things:

The Cardinals know who their top head coach candidates are and none of those new guys are willing to retain Goodwin.

This jives with what I’ve heard.

The first thing I’ve heard, and this was passed along last night, is that with Matt Nagy hired in Chicago and it seeming like Matt Patricia is going to Detroit, makes Pat Shurmur to Arizona ready to happen when Shurmur is available.

Now, this doesn’t mean Steve Wilks isn’t in the picture, but this was given to me Monday night when it seemed like Wilks was a lock in New York with the Giants, but maybe Wilk’s offensive coordinator pick, hearing it is Mike McCoy, is an issue. Or maybe he didn’t interview well. Or, maybe they finally want to interview Jim Schwartz.

No matter what, that’s the end to more of the Arians era.