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Arizona Cardinals defense playing better, but not creating turnovers

After a record setting preseason, the Arizona Cardinals defense has fallen back to the pack in creating turnovers and it is showing.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The preseason is often a false sense of reality.

Sure it is football, but it is so different from the regular season that too much weight being put into it always leads to disaster.

That is completely what has happened with the Arizona Cardinals.

In the preseason, against no quarterbacks worthy of starting status in the NFL, they forced 17 turnovers, tying an NFL record in the preseason.

Then the games started, the Cardinals faced NFL talent at quarterback and other positions along the offense and all of the sudden the turnovers stopped.

Through four games, the Cardinals have forced four turnovers on the season, on the other side, they have turned the ball over eight times, giving them a -4 turnover ratio through the first four weeks, one of the worst marks in the NFL.

While the defense should not be expected to have forced 17 turnovers through four games like they did in the preseason, if the Cardinals are wanting to play extremely conservative on offense, letting their defense win games for them, then they need their defense to be a huge difference maker.

Through four games, they have improved each game, giving up less yards this week, less first downs and having only a three minute differential in time of possession.

However, that is not enough for this team, with this offense and coaching.

They need this defense to make plays, create turnovers and generally win them games, not just keep them in it.