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Self-Inflicting Wounds

Steve Wilks, Mike McCoy continue to find ways to lose games

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals (0-4) are currently the only team in the NFL without a win, their worst start since 1986.

“[Seahawks] made the plays when given the opportunity and that’s the difference in the game,” Wilks said to the media on Monday. “We didn’t make the plays when given the opportunity.”

Wilks gave the Seahawks the opportunity to win the game with 1:50 left on the clock, following the Cardinals’ missed field goal on their final drive. He acknowledged that the Cardinals had too many drops, missed tackles on defense, and was penalized a lot.

No kidding. J.J. Nelson dropped a ball that should have been a long touchdown reception. Chad Williams made an incredible catch that would have been a touchdown had it not been for his foot landing out of bounds. Christian Kirk dropped a potential touchdown pass as well.

Beyond the players, play calling was a very big problem too and Wilk continues to blame the players instead of holding himself and the coaching staff accountable.

“What I was really trying to do was manage the clock there trying to get them less time as possible coming back and also trying to get those guys to use their timeout.”

He accomplished his goal and the Seattle Seahawks were forced to use their timeout. But everything else went wrong afterwards. First off Phil Dawson missed his 45-yard field goal, in addition to missing one from 50 yards earlier in the game. Even if the Cardinals made the field goal, Wilks was basically gift wrapping a win to the Seahawks with all of the time they had remaining. Conservative play calling to run the ball instead of passing the ball on 3rd-and-6 was playing not to lose. One rule when playing the Seahawks: never give Russell Wilson the ball with two minutes remaining in a game.

If we haven’t noticed already, Dawson’s kicks don’t go straight down the middle of the goal post but instead swerves right every time. It wasn’t too long ago when Wilks said that Dawson was kept over Matt McCrane because he was consistent and was praised for his ability to handle big games. Unfortunately for Dawson, his struggles of 2017 has carried over into 2018. How many more kicks will he need to miss until Wilks learns that Dawson is a problem?

There is blame to go around for the loss to the Seahawks but none of which should be on Josh Rosen. Had it not been for five or six drops in the game, his stat line would have at least been 20-27 passes for over 200 yards and two touchdowns. He is certainly playing beyond his years making his progressions and remaining poise in the pocket. Everything we thought he could be is coming to fruition. Play action and screen plays work. They need to call more of those plays but Mike McCoy continues to stick with his conservative-styled play calling.

Dawson missed two field goals, receivers continue to drop balls, defensive line is jumping into the neutral zone, inability to stop the run, and the coaching staff is coaching not to lose. This is not a good formula for success.

In terms of free agency, why not consider signing WR Rishard Matthews, who was recently released from the Titans? How about Cairo Santos for the kicker position?

There are plenty of football games remaining but with each loss means decreased chances to making the playoffs. Changes need to be made in terms of the roster and the coaching staff yet nothing is happening. How much longer will they continue to stick with the process with a system that seems broken?

Cardinals should be 2-2, with winnable games that they lost against the Bears and Seahawks, But instead they’re sitting at 0-4 on the season. Whether the problem is Steve Wilks, Steve Keim, Mike McCoy, or the players, they need find a way to win now. Learn from the mistakes that they continue to make and win a football game.

Oh yeah, Steve Wilks didn’t even bother to ice the kicker at the end of the game.