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Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings second half game thread

The Cardinals trail 13-10 on the road against a talented Vikings team.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

That was better.

After a rocky start on defense, some small scheme adjustments along with the patented forcing of turnovers have found a way to keep the Arizona Cardinals in their first early start game of 2018.

Josh Rosen and the offense look really pedestrian still.

Despite two redzone trips! the offense has only three points on the day.

No, the story of the first half is the defense.

After getting completely gashed in the run game by Latavius Murray on the Minnesota Vikings second offensive drive of the game, the defense has found their legs.

Murray is still putting up good numbers, nine carries for 66 yards, but most of those came on the one and only touchdown drive of the game for the Vikings.

No, today the defense has forced two Kirk Cousins turnovers, a Tre Boston interception on an inexplicable Cousins decision and a strip sack that lead to a Budda Baker scoop and score.

It looks like the defense will have to do most of the heavy lifting if the Cardinals want a chance to win this game.

Enjoy the second half and go Cardinals!