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Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings first half game thread

Let's talk about the Arizona Cardinals game as it happens.

Minnesota Vikings v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Welcome to week three of the Josh Rosen experience.

It has been one hell of a boring ride thus far, but for a rookie quarterback, you cannot complain too much about a lack of highs and lows.

No, maybe the most impressive thing of the Josh Rosen experience thus far is how well he has protected the football, the most important thing in football.

Yes, we haven’t exactly seen great offensive work so far, but we haven’t seen the other side of that, which is terrible decision making and high turnovers.

No, the Arizona Cardinals are a bad offensive team through five weeks, and they get a tough test today.

The Minnesota Vikings may be just 2-2-1 and giving up more points and yardage than expected, but they are still a good team that also has a very good offense.

The weird thing is the Cardinals and Vikings strengths and weaknesses, at least from the perspective of Cards D vs Vikings O, matchup pretty well.

Enjoy the game and Go Cardinals!