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Cardinals Lack Clear Direction

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Josh Rosen Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I have been trying my best to highlight the positives about our struggling new head coach, Steve Wilks—-and while he manifests impressive passion and diligence—-at this point it is very difficult to envision him as the right head coach to move the Cardinals forward.

With Mike McCoy—-unfortunately it has been painfully clear for 6 weeks that he is not the offensive coordinator the Cardinals need. Many of us were upset the day he was hired.

The main questions that need to be addressed and answered—-

Is there any coach on this staff who is a good fit for QB Josh Rosen?

What is wrong with RB David Johnson?

Is there any coach on this staff who is the right coach for Johnson?

Rosen and Johnson are the two major investments the Cardinals have made this year on offense.

Rosen is showing positive signs, despite no running game and poorly conceived game plans. Is there a 3rd down play in the 2018 Cardinals’ playbook that would actually work?

As for Johnson, he has not been the same since 2016 when BA was the head coach and Stump Mitchell was his RB coach. BA rode DJ hard—-he needs a coach with BA’s kind of gravitas. And Mitchell was a superb mentor and teacher. Look at what Mitchell is doing with the Jets’ running backs. His defection in 2017 was hardly talked about—-but without him on the staff, we have not seen the DJ we once were in awe of. Certainly not the timid, tentative, fumble-prone version we are seeing this year.

These two concerns alone could be enough proof that the Cardinals need a new head coach in 2019.

It would be another thing if the Cardinals’ defense was thriving under Steve Wilks. Alas, we haven’t even seen a standard type of base defense from Wilks even when he and everyone knows how impossible it is to defend good skill players (QB, RB, WRs, TEs) while trying to stop the run out of the nickel and while trying to snuff out passing attacks playing an array of soft zones, where you even sometimes see Haason Reddick and Josh Bynes covering a stud WR like Adam Thielen...especially when there’s a guy named Patrick Peterson on the field.

The defense does make a lot of splash plays—-but they give up—-way too much.

And this week the special teams units were putrid—-incurring penalties on virtually every punt which further pinned the struggling offense deep in its own end—-and 2 kickoff returns from Brandon Williams that he couldn’t advance past the 20 (while T.J. Logan isn’t even active). One could say, yeah but Williams did have one good return. He did—-but it was because the Vikings were zoning that return with 7 second left in the first half to make extra sure they wouldn’t give up a score.

The gist is—-the offense can’t stay on the field—-the defense can’t get off the field——and the special teams are undisciplined and undependable.

The offense is not the right offense for Rosen and Johnson—-the defense is not the right defense for the current personnel—-nor are the special teams.

Mr. Bidwill—-could you please explain the current direction of the franchise?

Because right now—-it is very difficult to comprehend.