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Four winners and a bunch of losers from the Arizona Cardinals 27-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings

The good and the bad from the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It is already a long season.

The Arizona Cardinals lost five games or less in two of Bruce Arians five seasons as the Cardinals head coach and in six weeks they are already there.

What is there to glean from the Cardinals latest loss?

Let’s take a look at four winners and the rest of the team from the 27-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.


Christian Kirk - The young wide receiver is starting to find his way in the NFL. Kirk put up six catches for 77 yards, bringing his season projections to 67 catches for 829 yards and three touchdowns. That is a nice rookie season for a wide receiver in today’s NFL.

Chandler Jones - Continues to produce at a high level, as he is on pace for another 14-15 sack season. That is what Jones has been able to do in a new scheme on a struggling defense.

Corey Peters - Never gets the recognition he deserves, but as a part time player he still is on pace for five sacks and 11 tackles for loss. That is especially impressive when you factor in that the Cardinals use Peters as a part time player on run downs.

Budda Baker - Still finding his way as a slot cover man, but he is a tackling machine and a playmaker. Baker had nine tackles, two tackles for a loss and a scoop and score touchdown on the day, and he looks to be getting more and more comfortable in the Cardinals new defense. One of the few.


Cardinals Offensive Line - The Cardinals offensive line is bad and now they are worse with potential injuries to Mike Iupati and Justin Pugh. The Cardinals need to get better along the line, but they also need to maintain some sort of consistency. They’ve already flopped from Andre Smith to John Wetzel back to Smith, so now two more potential moves could set them back even further.

Cardinals Linebackers - 195 yards rushing... to the worst rushing team in the NFL... without their best running back. The linebacker position was a problem going in and it remains a problem for the Arizona Cardinals.

David Johnson - He looks unenthusiastic, he seems sluggish and he has little help. When he has a chance to make plays, he struggles to do so. It is an interesting year after finally getting paid for DJ. I think it has less to do with him and more to do with the offense, but it is painful to see David Johnson playing like this when we know how good he is.

Steve Wilks - Fix it.

Mike McCoy - Please fix it.

Al Holcomb - No seriously, fix it.