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2019 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals look to fix league worst offensive line

An early look at the 2019 NFL Draft.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Looking for some optimism? I decided to do a mock, and really enjoyed putting this together. I get it, some won’t want to see any mocks until the season is over, but remember guys, this is a viewpoint that is focused more towards the future, not the immediate. Do I think the Cardinals will turn it around? That’s not for me to say. Don’t agree with who I pick, let’s have a debate. Like it? Good, this article is for you.

2019 NFL Draft - Projected (projected by

1st Pick - San Francisco 49ers

Nick Bosa - Defensive End
Ohio State - Junior
6’4’’, 263 Pounds

2nd Pick - New York Giants

Justin Herbert - Quarterback
Oregon - Junior
6’6’’, 233 Pounds

3rd Pick - Indianapolis Colts

Ed Oliver - Defensive Tackle
Houston - Junior
6’3’’, 292 Pounds

4th Pick - Arizona Cardinals

Jonah Williams - Offensive Tackle
Alabama - Junior
6’5’’, 301 Pounds

One offensive tackle won’t fix the line incompetency, but it will slowly help Josh Rosen for the immediate future. So, instead of sugar coating what has been a disappointing season, let’s call it what it is. From left to right; Humphries has allowed pressures, Iupati looks slow, still love Mason Cole so give him time, Pugh NEEDS to get better to qualify for that huge payday, and there is no right tackle solution.

So, I’m ready for a mixup. Jonah Williams will anchor the left tackle spot, Humphries is a fantastic run-blocker when he isn’t being beaten to the edge, so I’d put Hump (not ready to say die) at left guard, Mason at center, Pugh gets another year at right guard, and a free agent pickup at right tackle (Donovan Smith, 3 year, $21M?).

Williams has one of the best grades so far, according to PFF, and is proving his worth in a difficult SEC conference. He seems very skilled on slide protection, fast off the edge to engage with most quick-sets, and I don’t doubt his ability to get to the second level with linebackers. He does seem to have a very steady base, and I’ve been very impressed with his ability to switch effectively with his guard.

5th Pick - Oakland Raiders

Greedy Williams - Cornerback
Louisiana State - Redshirt Sophomore
6’2’’, 182 Pounds

6th Pick - Buffalo Bills

Jeffery Simmons - Defensive Tackle
Mississippi State - Junior
6’4’’, 300 Pounds

7th Pick - Atlanta Falcons

Devin White - Inside Linebacker
Louisiana State - Junior
6’1’’, 240 Pounds

8th Pick - Denver Broncos

Rashan Gary - Defensive Tackle
Michigan - Junior
6’5’’, 283 Pounds

9th Pick - Detroit Lions

Trayvon Mullen - Cornerback
Clemson - Junior
6’2’’, 190 Pounds

10th Pick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Zach Allen - Defensive End
Boston College - Senior
6’5’’, 285 Pounds

11th Pick - Cleveland Browns

Jachai Polite - Defensive End
Florida - Junior
6’2’’, 242 Pounds

12th Pick - Philadelphia Eagles

Dre’Mont Jones - Defensive Tackle
Ohio State - Junior
6’3’’, 286 Pounds

13th Pick - Houston Texans

Greg Little - Offensive Tackle
Mississippi - Junior
6’6’’, 325 Pounds

14th Pick - New York Jets

Josh Allen - Outside Linebacker
Kentucky - Senior
6’5’’, 260 Pounds

15th Pick - Dallas Cowboys

A.J. Brown - Wide Receiver
Mississippi - Junior
6’1’’, 230 Pounds

16th Pick - Seattle Seahawks

Damon Arnette - Cornerback
Ohio State - Redshirt Junior
6’0’’, 195 Pounds

17th Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars

Daniel Jones - Quarterback
Duke - Redshirt Junior
6’5’’, 220 Pounds

18th Pick - Minnesota Vikings

Deandre Baker - Cornerback
Georgia - Senior
5’11’’, 185 Pounds

19th Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers

Clelin Ferrell - Defensive End
Clemson - Redshirt Junior
6’4’’, 265 Pounds

20th Pick - Miami Dolphins

Tyler Biadasz - Center
Wisconsin - Redshirt Sophomore
6’3’’, 316 Pounds

21st Pick - Tennessee Titans

Deionte Thompson - Free Safety
Alabama - Redshirt Junior
6’2’’, 196 Pounds

22nd Pick - Green Bay Packers

Montez Sweat - Outside Linebacker
Mississippi State - Senior
6’6’’, 245 Pounds

23rd Pick - Washington Redskins

David Montgomery - Running Back
Iowa State - Junior
5’11’’, 216 Pounds

24th Pick - Baltimore Ravens

Marquise Brown - Wide Receiver
Oklahoma - Junior
5’10’’, 168 Pounds

25th Pick - Carolina Panthers

Jerry Tiller - Defensive Tackle
Notre Dame - Senior
6’7’’, 305 Pounds

26th Pick - Cincinnati Bengals

Noah Fant - Tight End
Iowa - Junior
6’5’’, 241 Pounds

27th Pick - Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears)

D.K. Metcalf - Wide Receiver
Mississippi - Redshirt Sophomore
6’4’’, 230 Pounds

28th Pick - Los Angeles Chargers

Dexter Lawrence - Defensive Tackle
Clemson - Junior
6’4’’, 350 Pounds

29th Pick - Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints)

Raekwon Davis - Defensive End
Alabama - Junior
6’7’’, 316 Pounds

30th Pick - Kansas City Chiefs

Emmanuel Butler - Wide Receiver
Northern Arizona - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 220 Pounds

31st Pick - New England Patriots

Brian Burns - Defensive End
Florida State - Junior
6’5’’, 235 Pounds

32nd Pick - Los Angeles Rams

Dalton Risner - Offensive Guard
Kansas State - Senior
6’5’’, 308 Pounds