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Arizona Cardinals run up the middle more than any team in the NFL

The Arizona Cardinals don’t run the ball much, but when they do it is up the middle.

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals do not run the ball much. They rank 28th in the NFL in rushing attempts, and for the number of offensive plays they run overall, the second fewest in the NFL, that is actually surprising to see them ranked that high.

Yet, the most fascinating stat of the season is simply this, no team in the NFL runs up the middle in the NFL more than the Arizona Cardinals.

No, not percentage of runs, not runs between the tackles, not runs using the fullback. The Arizona Cardinals run up the middle more than any team in the NFL.

That is an astonishing accomplishment for an NFL team that runs so little. How does a team with David Johnson, one of the most elusive backs in the NFL, a players who wins with athleticism and can make plays in open space.

Instead, the Arizona Cardinals are using David Johnson like John Riggins.

It is archaic football, it is ugly football and through six games, it has been completely ineffective football.

Yet, at 1-5, there has not been any changes made.

Maybe this week is the week.