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Michael Bidwill shoots down Patrick Peterson rumors and expects “much more progress” from Steve Wilks

What did the Cardinals owner have to say ahead of Thursday Night Football?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bidwill talked with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport today and had quite a bit to say involving the rumors about Patrick Peterson, the reports of Mike McCoy being on the hot seat entering tonight and his overall impression of the job Steve Wilks is doing:

First of all, anyone stressing out over Patrick Peterson should be sleeping much easier tonight.

So there’s that.

Peterson was a long-shot to be traded before the deadline in any case because, well, for starters he’s arguably the best corner in the game.

But having 2 12 years of contractual control at a solid price is something that Steve Keim can’t afford to lose without a replacement in hand. While many have questioned the fit and “luxury” of Peterson in a zone heavy scheme...

...Michael Bidwill has made it clear Peterson won’t be dealt. And nor should he.

Hopefully that puts these silly rumors to rest.

Now, as to the area of Mike McCoy, Bidwill was silent, but as for Steve Wilks he had some interesting comments, per Rapoport:

“I think everybody’s expectations are that it would be going better than it is now,” he said, “but I think Coach Wilks is dialed in. We’ve seen some progress, but I know we’re all looking for much more progress.”

“Much more progress.”

The Cardinals are 1-5 and have their only win over the hapless Niners and have the 31st ranked rushing defense and offense along with the 32nd ranked rushing attack.

Arizona’s shown some progress, for sure, in the past few weeks but Michael Bidwill just made it clear that he’s not content with small progress. It’s notable that there was an opportunity to defend his head coach even more.

Does this mean that Bidwill is out on Wilks?

Not necessarily.

It might be that Bidwill is just saying what everyone can plainly see: Arizona is a bad team that isn’t making massive strides week-over-week. It remains to be seen if that will bode poorly for Wilks or if the team can make improvements throughout the rest of the year.

Finally, Bidwill complimented the play of young quarterback Josh Rosen:

“I think Josh, we knew when we drafted him that there was a chance he may play this year and if he did play, that it might be some growing pains,” Bidwill said. “I’m really pleased with seeing his progress because he’s done a great job. Definitely got the right attitude to step onto the field, he’s super smart, players are rallying around him.”

Rosen has been the lone bright spot on Arizona’s 31st ranked offense this year.

The Cardinals play the Broncos on NFL Network at 8:20 PM tonight.

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