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Byron Leftwich could soon be the Arizona Cardinals Offensive Coordinator

Mike McCoy’s time in the NFL could be at an end

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Practice Tom Tingle-USA TODAY Sports

With the ineffectiveness of the Arizona Cardinals offense in an impending blowout loss to the Denver Broncos, there could be some major changes coming to their coaching staff.

Specifically for Mike McCoy, his job as the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator could be coming to an end.

After ranking last on almost every statistical category, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see McCoy go. The Cardinals were 0-18 on third downs since week five at one point in the game.

The Cardinals 35-3 deficit is the largest deficit at home since 1920. The Arizona Cardinals are on pace on having the worst offense in NFL history. There are many more low records that I could say that this team has set but i’ll save everyone the trouble of knowing.

Leftwich was hired by Bruce Arians as an intern assistant to quarterbacks in 2016. He worked his way up from being a former NFL quarterback to a promising coach. He was elevated and hired full-time as the quarterbacks coach in 2017.

A time for a change has come and it has been long overdue. Though Leftwich being the offensive coordinator isn’t set and stone, he would bring a lot more confidence to the Cardinals team and its fan base.

Arians certainly had a lot of confidence in him and said that Leftwich would be a head coach early in his career.

Let’s see what happens.