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Broncos clobber the Arizona Cardinals as they trot to a 45-10 victory

The Cardinals suffer their sixth loss as they continue to be winless at home.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Welp... I know a lot of us went into this with low expectations - but even the glass-half-empty crowd has to admit that was more of a disaster than could have been imagined. The Cardinals started in disastrous fashion, as things got lopsided early behind two pick sixes and multiple deep bombs from Denver. Rosen also played as rough as we’ve seen him, missing throws and not seeing the field.

Time management would also add to the litany of issues plaguing the offense, burning multiple timeouts early and getting a penalty for a delay of game.

To add insult to injury, there was also a minor scare as Rosen was taken to the tent after taking a hard bounce off the ground. Fortunately he would clear protocol and was able to return to the game. The first half would go on to be listless despite the defense sprinkling in a few stops.

On the bright side, the Cardinals finally snapped their third quarter drought on their first drive of the half, netting Larry his first score of the season as well.Unfortunately, the positives would end after that. Ricky Seals-Jones took a helmet to the arm and had to leave the game, followed by turnover after turnover for a total of five takeaways for the Denver Broncos. Yeah, it wasn’t Rosen’s best day at the office.

The offensive line would have an even tougher night as the Broncos front had their “get right” game and Von Miller lived up to his word to the tune of 6 sacks for the opposition. The questionable coaching would continue to rear it’s head. Brandon Williams continued to look hapless as the return man, Rosen was repeatedly trotted out late despite an endless clobbering from the Denver front until the final sack sent him limping off the field, and the offensive playcalling...

The Rosen-Kirk connection continues to flash some promise, and Fitz is starting to look right after starting the season banged up. But as the season trots on, the positives are becoming fewer and fewer.

At this point the Cardinals can only hope for good news regarding Rosen and Seals-Jones and look forward to a long week and what is likely their best remaining matchup before heading into a murderer’s row of quarterback in the coming weeks.

If such a lackluster performance and being winless at home going into a long week doesn’t bring up changes immediately, I honestly don’t know what it will take for the front office to shake things up.