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Arizona Cardinals fire Mike McCoy, promote Byron Leftwich to offensive coordinator

The Arizona Cardinals made the move everyone has been waiting for.

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It has finally come to pass.

After weeks of producing the worst offense in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals have seen enough and decided to fire offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

In his place they will promote quarterback coach Byron Leftwich to offensive coordinator.

Through seven games and a 1-6 start, the Arizona Cardinals currently rank offensively league wide:

Points: 31
Yards: 32
Turnovers: 28
First Downs: 32
Passing Yards: 31
Passing Touchdowns: 30
Yards per attempt pass: 31
Rushing Attempts: 31
Rushing Yards: 32
Yards per attempt rush: 32
Scoring percentage: 32
Time per drive: 32
Plays per drive: 32
Points per drive: 32
Yards per drive: 31

So... The Arizona Cardinals offense is terrible.

The move was inevitable after the showing last night where there was a clear disconnect between the players and the scheme and play calls.

The second play of the game, after the Cardinals ran up the middle for the league leading 73rd time, was a timeout because no one knew where to be.

This speaks volumes to the issues within the offensive organization.

The Cardinals have taken more delay of game penalties than any other team in the NFL, and that includes the three starts by Sam Bradford, not just Josh Rosen’s time as quarterback.

The Cardinals now have ten days to get Leftwich and Rosen on the same page and hopefully begin to fix what has been the worst offense in the NFL.

For the sake of Steve Wilks job, they better hope it works.