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Josh Rosen’s first start of his career was the best by rookie so far in 2018

The Arizona Cardinals Josh Rosen has the best game by a rookie QB this season according to Pro Football Focus.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

For all the bad, there was a singular light shining through the darkness, showing a way for the future. That is Josh Rosen.

The folks over at Pro Football Focus came out with their grades from the game and guess who was the highest graded player? That’s right, Josh Rosen.

Yet, not even the biggest believer in Rosen could believe how well he played in his first career start.

87.1 is a great score for any singular player, no matter their status or how long they have been in the league, but Rosen’s score was quite astounding.

Rosen’s 87.1 PFF grade is the highest grade by any rookie quarterback this season, yes over any of Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold or Josh Allen.

That is something to hang your hat on if you are Rosen, but it is also something great for the Cardinals moving forward.

No matter what happened in that game, the drops, the inconsistent pass blocking, the befuddling play calls, Rosen rose above it all and produced a strong outing.

So far, so good.