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State Barn Is Not On Our Side

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“State Farm is on your side.”

Yes, if you are a Redskins, Bears, Seahawks or Broncos fan who can afford to make the trip to Arizona.

“Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?”

Oh, U of P! Where did you go and why did you leave us?

You were the high-tech, elaborate nest for our thundering Red Sea.

So much so, you never wanted to open your roof so that the deafening roars of the Red Sea could draw the opposing left tackle off-sides three times a game.

You’ve been replaced—-your letters have been taken down for good and are now lying in a trash dump far out into the wasteland.

And in your place?

Your cozy nest has been turned into a cacophonous, frowsty barn newly inhabited by a strange and menacing menagerie.

The euphonic sounds of cardinals chirping have been replaced by gaudy bear growls and shrill bronco neighs.

Your delightful swaths and waves of red—-painted over by swells of orange and blue.

And on national TV...your roof was open...apparently to air the new level of stench out.

Even your once brilliantly red cardinals came out looking like a flock of hooded black crows.

A loud snorting bronco brooded over you like a scarecrow and swore to beat you into submission—-and you took fright—-you cowered—-and flew away.

Your legendary leader of the worm snatchers, had to be consoled by a legendary hero of the past, turned television commentator.

As the Orange Sea roared—-the savage scarecrow and his galloping white ghosts spooked away the black birds—-and the nest emptied itself of every trace of red.

Now if you want to sit in a sea of red and raucously cheer, you have to go to Mesa.

It seems that Halloween has come early to Glendale—-

But it looks like Halloween is here to stay—-as this barren barn remains readily open for rent.


On a brighter note—-here is Peyton Manning’s “Detail” tape study of QB Josh Rosen—-and what a treat this is. You will learn so much about how QBs prepare (how challenging the preparation is). Peyton does a brilliant job of highlighting Josh’s strengths and the areas in which Josh needs to improve. I think you will be enlightened and very encouraged by this.