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Can The Cardinals Catch Up On Offense?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have ever thought that through seven weeks that Adrian Peterson of the Redskins would be outrushing David Johnson?

Peterson—-101/438/4.3/3 TD/0 Fumbles

Johnson—-106/335/3.2/5 TD/2 Fumbles

Of course, if the Cardinals had decided to keep Peterson at $3M this season, they could have made it easier to play David Johnson more as a receiver. After all, Steve Keim gave up 2 6th rounders to acquire Peterson (1 6th rounder in the trade with the Saints and 1 6th rounder comp pick they lost in the process). As it turned out, having Peterson on their side might have given the Cardinals a better chance to beat the Redskins in Week 1. But, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Who would have ever thought that John Brown through 7 weeks would have almost 200 more receiving yards and 3 more TDs than the Cardinals’ top receiver?

Brown—-28/558/19.9/4 TD

Christian Kirk—-28/368/13.1/1 TD

As we know, things soured quickly for John Brown last year in Arizona. While battling through symptoms of sickle cell anemia and subsequent leg injuries, Brown took offense to BA’s remarks about the sidelined WRs during the pre-season. Brown remarked at the time that he was not going to rush back from injuries no matter what his coach said. When it was all said and done, the best that Brown could deliver was a 21 catch season at 299 yards, for a 14.2 average and 3 TDs. He looked demoralized and hardly resembled the old ‘Smoke.”

It became clear that Brown was eager to move on and that the Cardinals had no interest in re-signing him. The good news is, the Cardinals were able to draft Christian Kirk, who may be able to surpass John Brown’s receiving totals by the end of the year, should the Cardinals’ QB situation keep improving with Josh Rosen in charge.

Who would have ever thought that after seven games QB Blaine Gabbert would have as many wins as the Cardinals?

They both have 1. But—-the Cardinals have their QBOF in Josh Rosen, who is a superior talent. Plus, one could argue that Mike Glennon is a stronger QB2 than Gabbert.

The point is—-the Cardinals have plenty of catching up to do on offense over the final 9 games. New OC Byron Leftwich will try to embrace the challenge of developing Josh Rosen while finding ways to get David Johnson back on a Pro Bowl track.

With regard to a couple of defensive defections—-things look a little rosier for the Cardinals.

While Tyrann Mathieu is displaying good leadership for the 4-3 Texans, Budda Baker is 2nd in the NFL in tackles (67) and is making splash plays that are reminiscent of the Honey Badger’s highlights of old.

At RCB Bene Benwikere has 4 more tackles, 12 more sacks, 3 more pass deflections, 1 more interceptions and 1 more forced fumbles than Tramon Williams (Packers).

It’s time for the Cardinals to transcend the past—-so they can sprint and bound their way into the future.