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Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaguars trade proposal

NFL: New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is approaching on October 30, 2018. What if the Cardinals and Jaguars participated in a trade?

The Arizona Cardinals trade the following players to the Jacksonville Jaguars:

QB Sam Bradford* (*waives his no-trade clause)

LB Deone Bucannon

DE Zach Moore

In exchange for:

DE Dante Fowler

WR Donte Moncrief

LB Blair Brown

Cap Implications:

If I am correct about the half-year salaries, the Cardinals save $1.5M on the cap and the Jaguars add $1.5M. The Jags currently have approximately $6.2M in cap space, so they are in good shape to make this trade. The Cardinals currently have about $8.2M in cap space.

Why the Cardinals could make the trade:

All three players do not figure in the Cardinals’ 2019 plans. It’s a waste for Sam Bradford to be inactive each week. Deone Bucannon needs a change of scenery—-and he played his best football when he was protected by Calais Campbell.

With Markus Golden heading to free agency, why not see what Dante Fowler can do the Cardinals defense. If he and Donte Moncrief fit in, perhaps the Cardinals can re-sign them before they hit free agency. At least they would have that chance—-or—-the Cardinals could get decent comp pick consideration if Fowler and Moncrief sign elsewhere. Blair Brown, in his 2nd year, has yet to find his niche in the Jags’ defense, but, because of his speed, he could be a good fit in Steve Wilks’ defense. Brown is a similar player to Jeremy Cash whom the team lost in the pre-season.

Why the Jaguars could make the trade:

Dante Fowler and Donte Moncrief will be free agents in 2019. The Jags have already elected to decline Fowler’s 5th year option. Both Fowler and Moncrief have been inconsistent and are in the top ten of the Jags’ highest salaries. The Jags like their rookie WR D.J. Chark enough to let Moncrief go.

Obviously, the Jags are in the trade market for a QB and Bradford might be the most affordable veteran QB on the block. He would seem to be a good fit in Doug Marrone’s offense. Calais Campbell can attest to how good Deone Bucannon was playing behind him in Arizona. And Zach Moore has upside as a situational edge rusher and they could control his rights in 2019, if they like him.

Now—-3 for 3 player trades rarely happen in the NFL—-but, in this case, a 3 for 3 makes sense because of the team needs and the salary off-sets.

As a Cardinals fan, would you make this trade?