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Arizona Cardinals find themselves as a pick em against lowly San Francisco 49ers at home

The Cardinals won three weeks ago, but it may as well have been two years ago.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn’t take long for things to change in the NFL.

Good, bad or indifferent.

After the Arizona Cardinals first and only victory over the San Francisco 49ers just 17 short days ago, the Cardinals take on the same 49ers team, who have a plethora of injuries, this Sunday at home.

Yes, the Arizona Cardinals big win over the 49ers 28-18 in Santa Clara, you would expect to see a little bit of favored to the home team.

Except the oddsmakers and Las Vegas don’t see any reason for it.

The Arizona Cardinals sit as a pick em’ on most sites, with some giving them a -1 point edge over the 49ers, at home!

That is what a thorough beatdown at the hands of a moribund Denver Broncos team on the national stage, plus a new case of a superstar asking for a trade, will do to public perception.

Do you think the Cardinals should be favored in this game, or is it really a coin flip?