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Peterson Calculation Part II (Reaction to Statement)

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Since Adam Schefter’s tweet a few days ago:

A. Utter silence from Patrick Peterson until this afternoon

B. Wilks says PP had never talked to him about wanting a trade

C. Saints deal for CB Eli Apple

D. Patriots decline having any interest

E. Jets say they called and got nowhere.

F. Bidwill, Keim and Wilks all insist “no way” they are trading Peterson.

G. There has been a high-pitched national and local media frenzy about the Cardinals’ situation “deteriorating rapidly” which PP wanted so “desperately” to get out of.

Now---PP chimes in with the caveat of how frustrated he is by this season, followed by a statement of how committed he is to the Cardinals.

Patrick Peterson is a captain. Elected by his teammates. And this is how a captain deals with frustration?

Just today Chandler Jones said that he hasn’t done enough to help the Cardinals win. That is what a real captain does.

Plus---sorry PP, but you haven’t always given your all---how can the most talented punt returner on the planet go 0-fer for the last 6 years?

How many feeble efforts did you make defending the run and screens?

While you were doing everything to avoid contact, you let your teammates take the pounding.

Yes---you worked your butt off as an elite cover CB---and you deserve all the kudos you get for that. But, there are other aspects of your job that you have neglected—-aspects that would clearly indicate that you haven’t given your all.

I hope you prove all of the skeptics wrong, PP---but you won’t play out the end of your current contract, will you? You will demand a new contract and if you don’t get the Cardinals’ management to budge, you will hold out, won’t you?

This statement is just a temporary way to try to save face in front of the fans, coaches and teammates, isn’t it?

How about issuing a statement that you will honor your current contract without any fuss and that you will not ask for a trade again?

Would you pin those two things down, PP?

Otherwise, your statement is all for show, isn’t it?