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Michael Bidwill's assurance to Patrick Peterson has the star corner back in the fold

The Arizona Cardinals president promised Patrick Peterson something that made Peterson more comfortable with the rest of 2018.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When Patrick Peterson released his statement yesterday and for the first time addressed his trade request, it helped set things back to normal for the Arizona Cardinals.

At least for now.

Later in the day it would become known that Peterson had a one on one meeting with team president Michael Bidwill and that set things in motion.

You see, the contents of that meeting will never be known, but based on what we do know, Peterson was given some assurances in his meeting with Bidwill.

There seems to be only a few logical explanations for what those assurances were:

  1. The Arizona Cardinals will rip up the remainder of Peterson’s current contract and give him a fresh new deal.
  2. If things stay the same, Steve Wilks and maybe even Steve Keim will be gone after the season.
  3. If things stay the same, the Arizona Cardinals will accommodate Peterson’s trade request in the offseason.

These are the only three conclusions I can come to from a logical point of view because as much of a professional as Peterson is, his about face was prompt, which means he feels better about the situation for a reason.

Maybe we’ll find out in January or February, maybe things get better so we’ll never know.

However, it is good that for at least another 10 weeks, the Arizona Cardinals have one of the premier players in the NFL.