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Arizona Cardinals fans spread blame around for teams failure in 2018

This week’s FanPulse took a look at who is to blame for the Arizona Cardinals 2018 season.

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As the weeks pass the 2018 season has revealed quite a bit to Arizona Cardinals fans.

First, the “re-tool” that was sold was definitely more of a hope than a reality. The team hoped to be in a re-tool, but they needed to rebuild from basically the ground up, with the knowledge that they had some core pieces in place.

That’s where the coaching comes in, where has the growth gone? Why does it seem like some players have regressed, or have become non-existent in some cases, Deone Bucannon.

This week, we had a different question for fans on FanPulse, and it was simply, who is at fault for where the Arizona Cardinals are in 2018?

The results were actually pretty interesting.

Seeing Head Coach Steve Wilks lead the way in blame is a little surprising, but not as much as seeing there be quite a bit of unhappiness with Steve Keim.

You see, a large swath of the fanbase, based on these results we can say nearly 60-70%, believe in Steve Keim and what he has built in the desert.

They believe in Deone Bucannon and Haason Reddick. They lay the fault of bad drafting at players and coaches over the GM who made the pick.

That’s why, when the results came in at 34% blame Keim, I was surprised to see it that high.

It shows that a lot of the shine is beginning to wear off.

Does a season that results in a top five pick push that even further? That will be the question come week 17 when it is all over.