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Arizona Cardinals ride Josh Rosen and Larry Fitzgerald to 18-15 win over San Francisco 49ers

The future of the Arizona Cardinals seems a little better after a rocky start.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Sometimes, change is a good thing. Sometimes, it takes a little time, but then it starts to show.

That's what happened in the Arizona Cardinals 18-15 come from behind win over the San Francisco 49ers.

The Arizona Cardinals made a necessary change at offensive coordinator coming off an embarrassing loss on Thursday Night Football to the Denver Broncos.

That was supposed to be a move to start the momentum rolling, not necessarily in fixing the team overall, but improving the offense.

It took three quarters, but it finally happened

Josh Rosen was overwhelmed on Sunday by a very, very bad San Francisco 49ers defense, thanks in part to an offensive line performance that would have any OC scratching their head.

That was the question about making the move from McCoy, was that it was putting new OC Byron Leftwich in a hard spot as well, since the offense is severely handicapped up front.

The rookie quarterback was under duress most of the game, but he kept coming back.

Rosen impressed in that way, as he was able to continue to get up and continue to grind through the game.

Rosen ended up throwing a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter that cut the 49ers lead to 15-10 and felt like a weight was lifted off the team as a whole.

The Arizona Cardinals defense kept the game close, despite giving up a long touchdown pass from C.J. Beathard to Marquise Goodwin.

Yet, that was a single blemish on an otherwise strong overall performance.

No, it was Josh Rosen and the ageless one Larry Fitzgerald that found the rhythm on offense.

Rosen finished with 252 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception and 108 yards and one of those touchdowns was to Larry Fitzgerald.

On the biggest drive of the season, Rosen fed Larry Fitzgerald to get into the redzone, then found Christian Kirk in the back of the endzone that gave the Arizona Cardinals the lead for good.

It was a great comeback by the Arizona Cardinals and hopefully the step in the right direction for the Arizona Cardinals.