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NFL Twitter absolutely roasts the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers

The Cardinals and 49ers game was the butt of the NFL jokes on Sunday.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The internet is a ruthless place and when you are a bad football team like the Arizona Cardinals and you play an equally bad football team like the San Francisco 49ers, it can get especially viscous.

That was the reaction from Twitter today.

No Kevin, I watched every second. It was as bad as the score indicated.

I think this is a combination joke of soccer and the new AAF league.

Ahh yes, if you gambled on this game you deserved to lose money.

Baseball jokes were heavy from the baseball fans on Twitter as well.

The jokes were relentless and deservedly so.

Until C.J. Beathard’s hit Marquise Goodwin on a long 55-yard catch and run touchdown, the game was hard to watch.

For Arizona Cardinals fans, it got a little easier as they saw a little something from that Josh Rosen guy.

He stood tall and delivered late and it gave the Cardinals and their fans the last laugh, at least this Sunday.