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Twitter Reacts to the Arizona Cardinals 18-15 Win Over the San Francisco 49ers

What were the best tweets of the day from Cards fans?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

What happened in today’s Cardinals game?

The introduction had some fans excited in Rosen’s first game under offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. The defense would see a new look as well with a still injured Tre Boston on the sideline.

In addition, TJ Logan was expected to get the ball on kick returns and even possibly on offense.

Mike McCoy’s playcalling has been notoriously bad, even bad enough other teams seem to have taken humorous effect. How would Arizona perform in their first game under Leftwich?



The game didn’t start all that well.

The Niners ended up struggling on offense as well, but still put up some points and landed a safety to make it a baseball score game, to say the least.

The Niners struggled converting in the red zone as well, even off of a Rosen interception.

Which, if we’re playing baseball is....uh...yeah.

I’ll leave the rest of NFL Twitter’s dunks on this game to this article right here if you want to take a look.

Still, it’s miles ahead of where they’ve been, right?

Then things seemed to start to turn around....and Arizona was looking for some momentum in the 2nd half by getting David Johnson involved in the screen game for the first time all season!

In fact, Leftwich made use of Arizona’s top two players very well in this game overall.

More on that later.

Unfortunately, the 3rd quarter reared its ugly head again for Arizona’s defense and the much maligned Patrick Peterson got beat by the speedy Marquise Goodwin for a score for San Francisco to take a 15-3 lead and the game was starting to seem out of reach.

But lo and behold the 4th quarter arrived and with it, a chance for the Cardinals, beginning with a sustained drive that was capped off by a Larry Fitzgerald TD:

The team almost got ruined by a TERRIBLE fumble by Jermaine Gresham...

Still, Arizona managed to come away from it and thanks to a big play by Budda Baker, got a chance at redemption with 2 timeouts and the two minute warning left down by 5 points.

After that, Rosen led a drive that nearly had a touchdown to JJ Nelson (to be fair Richard Sherman made a heck of an effort to break it up)

And then on 3rd down it was rookie-to-rookie for the go-ahead score:

But only up by one, Arizona needed to go for two to avoid losing on a field goal. So they went to Larry Legend who got it in...and then did the unthinkable:

He celebrated. For maybe the first time in his career?!?

It broke Cardinals twitter.

There was a reason behind it too: a lot of frustration and joy from overcoming all the losing and his son’s own disinterest in the team this week as well.

Larry joked about it post-game as well:

Perhaps it’s just a meaningless celebration for a 2-6 team but hey, it’s not often you see something from a 15 year NFL veteran you’ve never seen before, right?

And Arizona stopped the Niners (or rather they stopped themselves) but really everything was coming up Rosen for the Cards after that on social media...cause he balled out when it counted.

Warning: Language below as Larry Fitzgerald even joked about the expletive post-game.

All in all the two best ways to sum up this game:

Twitter had fun with how bad it was, only for it to turn out exciting and now going into the bye, all fans will be doing is looking forward to the future and what Josh Rosen and Byron Leftwich can bring.

Particularly Leftwich, who looks to be off to a fantastic start.


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