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Halfway through the 2018 NFL season let’s look at the Arizona Cardinals individual statistical pace

Let’s look at the Cardinals pace for 2018.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Through eight weeks, heading into the Arizona Cardinals bye week, we can get an idea of the trajectory of their 2018 NFL season.

Clearly the easiest thing to see is that the Cardinals are on pace to finish the season at 4-12, which would secure them the fourth or fifth pick in the 2018 NFL Draft (yes last seasons).

What about the rest of the team though?

How do some of the top players project to finish the 2018 season?

Josh Rosen -
2018 Projected Stats: 234/421 55.6% 2729 yards 13 Touchdowns 14 Interceptions

Rosen’s numbers will likely finish up slightly higher in yards and touchdowns and hopefully slightly lower in interceptions, but who knows on that. The Cardinals are beginning to entrust him a little more with the offense.

David Johnson -
2018 Projected Stats: 244 carries 788 rushing yards 10 rushing TDs 48 receptions 414 yards receiving 2 receiving touchdowns


Larry Fitzgerald -
2018 Projected Stats: 68 catches 714 yards 4 touchdowns

Hopefully, as Rosen improves we see an uptick in Fitz’s numbers.

Christian Kirk -
2018 Projected Stats: 62 catches 820 yards 4 touchdowns

Ricky Seals-Jones -
2018 Projected Stats: 38 catches 432 yards 2 touchdowns

Chad Williams -
2018 Projected Stats: 22 catches 226 yards 2 touchdowns

Chase Edmonds -
2018 Projected Stats: 44 carries 122 rushing yards 26 catches 126 yards

Chandler Jones -
2018 Projected Stats: 52 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 13 sacks

Robert Nkemdiche
2018 Projected Stats: 46 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 4 sacks

Haason Reddick -
2018 Projected Stats: 56 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 4 sacks

Budda Baker -
2018 Projected Stats: 140 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, 4 fumble recoveries

Josh Bynes -
2018 Projected Stats: 122 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 2 sacks

I think the biggest thing on defense is Baker’s numbers are something out of Madden. Jones is having a “down” year in terms of plays in the backfield for him, but that will put him right on the cusp of top ten again.