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Sam Bradford from the pocket was one of the worst in the NFL in 2018

The Arizona Cardinals former starter struggled from the pocket in 2018.

Chicago Bears v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

There wasn’t much good to say about Sam Bradford in his brief three weeks as an Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback.

By nearly every metric Bradford struggled to put up even average numbers.

If you needed any more reason to know that the Bradford was shot, at least for the Cardinals, this nugget from ESPN should unequivocally show that.

Bradford in 2018 was the second worst passer from the pocket.

That’s supposed to be his bread and butter, where he thrived and why the Cardinals brought him in.

However, through two games and three quarters, only the other big free agent signing from the Minnesota Vikings, Case Keenum, was worse.

Not even rookies like Sam Darnold and Josh Allen, who play for miserable teams and have struggled to get going, were as bad as Bradford.

That’s where the Cardinals offense was under Bradford. Let’s see how much further they can go under Rosen now.