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Arizona Cardinals fans see hope in Josh Rosen

The fans of the Arizona Cardinals are finding confidence in their rookie quarterback, even if the wins have not come yet.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Through the first four games of the NFL season, the Arizona Cardinals have seen their fans confidence in their team plummet.

Before game one, the confidence in the direction of the team was high, as 93% of fans felt like the Cardinals were re-tooling and getting ready to get back into the fray in the NFC.

After two games, where the Cardinals were beat a staggering 57-6, confidence fell, not surprisingly, all the way down to a 3% in the direction of the franchise.

After a slight uptick in things against the Chicago Bears, but still a loss, and the knowledge that Josh Rosen was starting, confidence began to gain again, modestly.

Last week, fans felt confident that the Cardinals were headed in the right direction by a 2% uptick, to 5%.

Well, despite another loss, this time at the hands of their rival Seattle Seahawks, fans have even more confidence in the direction of the franchise.

That’s right, your confidence in the Cardinals is back up all the way to 33%, the same it was after week ones performance.

That is quite the rebound despite no wins on the season, but that is how much confidence there is in what people saw in Josh Rosen in week four.

Imagine what happens if they win this week!

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