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Week 5 Vs. The Spread Feather Chase

NFL: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons @ Steelers (3)

Ravens (3) @ Browns

Broncos @ Jets (Pick “Em)

Packers @ Lions (Pick ‘Em)

Jaguars @ Chiefs (3)

Dolphins @ Bengals (5.5)

Giants @ Panthers (6.5)

Titans (5) at Bills

Raiders @ Chargers (5)

Cardinals @ 49ers (4)

Rams (7) @ Seahawks

Vikings @ Eagles (1)

Cowboys @ Texans (3)

Redskins @ Saints (6.5)


Mitch (3)—-Weeks 2,3,4

SmartCard (1)—-Week 4

Note—-I am playing along, but the ROTB member with the most feathers at the end of the year (excluding myself), wins the New Age Cardinals’ hat, which i will send you from Amazon. Every ROTB member can jump in at any time. There is a new feather to win every week.

My picks: Falcons, Browns, Broncos, Lions, Chiefs, Dolphins, Panthers, Titans, Raiders, 49ers, Rams, Vikings, Cowboys, Redskins