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Three players that need to step up for Josh Rosen to succeed

Josh Rosen looked terrific in his first ever NFL start, but will need to get some help from these three players in order to maintain long-term success.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The hype is continuing to build around rookie quarterback Josh Rosen after his inspiring performance in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday. This weekend, against the 49ers, Rosen will face his first road test, but also perhaps one of his best chances to snag a win with their starting QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, out for the season.

But if the Cardinals are to get their first victory of the season, Rosen is definitely going to need to some help. Here are three players that need to step up and help carry the Cards to a win.

D.J. Humphries

Humphries has been underwhelming through the first quarter of the season and will have a tough task against the 49ers defensive front, led by Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas. Rosen looked great moving in the pocket last week to buy himself time when being rushed, but in order to maximize his potential, he is going to need help from Humphries — and the rest of the offensive line, for that matter — in staying upright.

Larry Fitzgerald

How dare I put the G.O.A.T. on this list, right? Well... not so fast.

In case you missed last week’s game, Fitz dropped two very catchable passes in which Rosen placed the ball in spots where you would expect one of the best receivers in NFL history to catch it. Not only were the drops a bit of an issue, but Fitz also seemed to have some trouble in getting separation (and has the majority of the season). Yes, he is 35 years old and on the tailend of his career, but he is still the best receiving option the Cardinals have and Rosen will be counting on him if the Cardinals want to attempt to turn their season around.

J.J. Nelson

Nelson and I truly have a love-hate relationship. The plays he is capable of making with his elite speed are plays that not a single other player on the roster can make. Will Chad Williams or Christian Kirk get open deep from time to time? Sure. But Nelson is a guy that, when on the field, defenses are always going to worry about on the “go” route

The problem is that Nelson simply isn’t a reliable target. He drops the ball far too often and seems to do so at the worst imaginable times. This happened last week against the Seahawks when Nelson dropped what would have been a no doubt touchdown. The Cardinals kept him over guys like Brice Butler and Greg Little for one reason — speed. But speed for a wide receiver is almost useless when that player can’t haul in the passes thrown his way.

What do you think, Cards fans? Who needs to step up the most for Rosen to keep on shining?