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Arizona Cardinals sacked in Kansas City in 26-14 loss to Chiefs

The Arizona Cardinals fall to 2-7, but there were some good things in this game.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

17 points sure seemed like a big line.

It also seemed realistic based on what we have seen from the Arizona Cardinals in 2018.

That’s why, despite another loss on the season dropping the team to 2-7, you felt better about the results despite the outcome of a 26-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Arizona Cardinals much maligned defense held the Kansas City Chiefs to 26 points, the lowest total on the season for the NFL’s top scoring offense.

They also did a nice job of giving the Chiefs offense a number of different looks throughout the game.

Offensively, the Cardinals did okay. They weren’t great, but they did enough on a couple of drives to keep the ball away from Mahomes.

The biggest issue and something everyone knew coming into this game was that the Cardinals offensive line is atrocious.

Andre Smith had one of the worst games for an Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman in their history, which sure is saying something.

No, Josh Rosen was under duress on nearly every drop back, which is a recipe to ruin a rookie quarterback.

However, Rosen was pretty impressive in terms of standing in the pocket and being willing to make throws, even after taking a beating and throwing two interceptions.

It was impressive to see, but there were still issues.

He made a bad read on a screen pass that set up the Kansas City Chiefs final touchdown of the day, the one that put the game away for good.

However, the defense stood tall, the running game and rookie quarterback looked competent and there are some things to build on.

The question is whether or not those making the decisions are the ones who should be doing the building.