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Twitter Reacts to the Arizona Cardinals 26-14 loss

What were the best tweets and reactions to Arizona’s hard-fought loss?

The Arizona Cardinals came back from their Bye Week and went off to Kansas City, a place they’ve never won seeking an improved offense, an improved defense, a new record for Larry Fitzgerald and an upset win.

How’d they come out during this Veteran’s Day weekend?

Let’s take a look.

The game already started with an upset: Kansas City lost their first coin toss of the season. Steve Wilks, however, deferred but the Chiefs took advantage right away nabbing a touchdown off of a three-play drive in which the Cardinals’ defensive backs looked lost:

The Cardinals, however, followed it up with maybe their best drive of the season.

Ever since Mike McCoy was fired, fans and analysts have been expecting David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald to get more involved.

And that did seem to be the plan on their opening drive....

A long drive that utilized David Johnson the whole way down and even threw it to him (a novel concept, Mike McCoy) on 3rd down for the score.

Fitzgerald started getting involved as well, only a few yards away from moving past Terrell Owens into #2 of all-time.

The Cardinals defense played pretty well overall, forcing the Chiefs to punt the ball a few times, but they couldn’t stop them fully and Tyreek Hill grabbed another touchdown with 3 Cardinal defenders around them and then took over the video camera in a celebration that was flagged but well worth it:

Yup, that’ll go viral.

The Cardinals ended up going down into the half, but opened up the 3rd quarter with a long, sustained drive that took a ton of time off the clock and actually outscored their opponent in the 3rd quarter!

The offense had definitely improved some.

The defense was lights out in the 3rd quarter too, from a hair-raising special teams tackle... a Budda Baker dominating. His highlight reel slamming of a hurdling Kareem Hunt and a tackle off a blitz and leap up was amazing to see.

Here’s a reminder of what Baker did last year as a rookie that went viral:

And it’s already gotten some fun comparisons!

In short, after a 3rd quarter in which the Cardinals had slowed the Chiefs and limited the gap, optimism was high. Jones was having a monster game and the defense was looking good.

Larry Fitzgerald officially passed T.O. to get to #2 on the all-time list...

Unfortunately like so many things for the Arizona Cardinals, well it went downhill from there...on an all important possession Josh Rosen threw a pick at Justin Houston, who D.J. Humphries didn’t block.

KC was held back from going up 28-14 but still led and then the sacks kept raining goodness the sacks kept raining in.

And to make matters worse, there was one main perpetrator as well in RT Andre Smith:


And you’d think that’s a bit harsh, but the hits kept coming....and coming....

What’s worse, the Cardinals seem to potentially be on-track for more record setting in a not-good way...

All in all, we will have three things we will remember about this game.

#1: it was the David Johnson breakout game we’d all been waiting for.

#2: Rosen is gonna be good

And #3: ....The sacks.

What were your thoughts, Birdgang?

Link any fun tweets you found or your comments below!