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Budda Baker, D.J. Humphries among players on Wednesday injury report for Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals initial week 11 injury report has some important names on it.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When a season goes wrong, it seems to go really wrong.

That's the Arizona Cardinals season in a nutshell and the really wrong part is starting to come into focus.

On Wednesday, the Cardinals announced the signings of two cornerbacks, Leonard Johnson and David Amerson.

Well, the reason seems to be that there are issues with the health of two of their secondary players in Budda Baker and Rudy Ford.

While both are safeties and the Cardinals signed two corners, they'll likely move some others to the safety spot and into special teams roles.

The other thing is, the Arizona Cardinals are starting to run low on offensive linemen.

Justin Pugh was placed on injured reserve and both Mike Iupati and D.J. Humphries found themselves on the initial injury report of the week, both as did not participate.

The other really important player that missed Wednesday's practice was kicker Phil Dawson, who has a hip problem... (I was going to make am age joke but this season humor is not the answer).

The Cardinals could be down one of their best defensive players in Budda Baker as well three starting offensive linemen in Pugh, Iupati and Humphries as they get ready to take on the world team in the NFL.

That's the way the Cardinals season has gone so far.