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Bill Barnwell (ESPN Insider) Ranks Cardinals as Worst Situation of 10 Teams That Could Fire Their Head Coach

Super Bowl XLIII Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Bill Barnwell’s ranking of the team situations are as follows—-from best to worse:

  1. Green Bay
  2. Baltimore
  3. Seattle
  4. Detroit
  5. Cleveland
  6. New York Jets
  7. Denver
  8. Dallas
  9. Tampa Bay
  10. Arizona

Here is the link to the E$PN In$ider:

With each team, Barnwell lists what he considers to be the team’s biggest strength and biggest weakness. He rates the Cowboys, for example, so low because despite their roster talent (biggest strength) he thinks that “ownership meddling” is their biggest weakness.

In the case of the Arizona Cardinals, Barnwell claims the opposite:

Biggest strength: ownership stability

Biggest weakness: roster talent

Barnwell predicts that the Cardinals are most likely to stick with the combo of HC Steve Wilks and OC Byron Leftwich for another year—-alluding to the fact that the Bidwills have never fired a coach after one season.

However, the caveat here, according to Barnwell, is a possible change at GM. He cites Steve Keim’s draft failures and recent DUI arrest as possible causes.

Thus, if there is a change at GM, Barnwell predicts that the new GM will most likely want his own head coach—-preferrably an offensive minded head coach to ensure the development of QB Josh Rosen.

I think that Barnwell has his finger on the right buttons.

Where I differ with Barnwell is in his assessments of the Cardinals’ biggest strengths and weaknesses.

I believe that right now the talent on the roster is better than people think. Plus, unlike last year, the Cardinals now have their franchise QB in place.

The main reason, in my opinion, why the current talent isn’t producing more wins—-has to do more with flawed schemes on both sides of the ball, than lack of talent.

I believe that the biggest weakness is Michael Bidwill’s slow approach to the hiring process and his reluctance to put the organization in the hands of a charismatic, highly competitive and magnetic football guy.

It was therefore no surprise to see Bill Barnwell rank the Cardinals last. The national perception right now of the Arizona Cardinals is about as low as perceptions get.

The Browns have owned that dubious honor for years on end—-but even Barnwell concedes that the Browns have begun to turn the arrows upward.

There is no question, at least in my mind, that Cardinals currently find themselves in a precarious situation and in desperate need of a football guy who can change the whole atmosphere of the organization.

It all starts at the top. If Michael Bidwill can find the right persona—-and put the reins of the football operations squarely in his hands—-then the team’s fortunes can change and could quite possibly change for good.

What are your thoughts? We have been entertaining our own discussion about these very issues—-but now in light of Bill Barnwell’s assessments, what do you think Bill Bidwill should do?