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Arizona Cardinals vs Oakland Raiders second half game thread

The Arizona Cardinals are in a battle with the worst team in the league, can they win it?

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Well, the roller coaster 2018 season for the Arizona Cardinals kept on track.

The lows, two Josh Rosen interceptions that resulted in two Oakland Raiders touchdowns, the second when Brandon LaFell toasted Patrick Peterson.

However, Rosen also threw two touchdown passes, the first a laser to Larry Fitzgerald:

The second, was a great job by Rosen to recognize the defense and make a change, but it was all Christian Kirk after that, making up for an earlier drop:

That’s the thing the Arizona Cardinals will get with a rookie quarterback, highs and lows and they were all on display as the Cardinals are tied with the Raiders at 14-14.

Rosen struggled in the first half, but also got little help, with two drops, one from Kirk and one from Ricky Seals-Jones when Rosen made a nice move to keep the play alive and hit RSJ, who just dropped it. Then of course, there is the offensive line, who has been getting beat like a drum against the worst pass rush in the NFL.

Defensively, the Cardinals are getting gashed in the run game by the corpse of Doug Martin, but their pass rush is on point, something that has been consistent over the last several weeks.

Let’s hope the second half is all highs from Rosen and the Cardinals.

Go Cardinals!