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Twitter reacts To The Arizona Cardinals’ 23-21 loss against the Oakland Raiders

The Cardinals suffered a brutal loss on Sunday. Is it a season defining loss?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals (2-7) entered a game with the hapless Oakland Raiders (1-8), in a game that the Cardinals were actually favored to win.

How about that, huh?

Given the poor teams’ respective records and the impact of a loss on the NFL Draft standings, there was a bit of humor ahead of the game as to how bad both of these teams have been this season. In a game called by some....the Tank Bowl.

To start out in a #SaluteToService, Fitz got to catch passes not from yet a new quarterback, but someone who was just as important nonetheless:

The game couldn’t have started worse. Penalties, pressure and then Rosen threw an interception under pressure with Korey Cunningham starting for the injured D.J. Humphries and it was still not a great throw:

The Raiders turned it into a score. However, the Cardinals determined to turn the game around, and it was with a solid drive running the ball with David Johnson and a TD to....who else?

That seemed to start to turn the game around. Chander Jones got going with another sack:

And then Christian Kirk on an adjustment from Josh Rosen got loose for a HUGE touchdown on his 22nd birthday, no less.

But, unfortunately, it came crashing down with a second, not great, interception thrown by Josh Rosen:

The Raiders run game started to take over, and Oakland ended up rushing for over 150 yards on the day behind the legs of Raiders RB Doug Martin:

Carr TD 2

Then came the 3rd quarter doldrums...a terrible possession ending in 3rd and 31 (that’s right, 3rd and 31!) for the Cardinals after multiple poor penalties and a sack of Rosen back near his own goal-line.



Rosen overthrew a few passes as well due to the constant pressure, and some even if there wasn’t some pressure there.

But the Raiders? Still bad. Still pretty bad. They didn’t know what was going on for a play.

Two minute offensiveness happened before the half, for both teams.

But hey, at least there were some laughs to be had! In between the malaise of the offense that is...



The Cardinals came out of the half and did much of what they had done in the second quarter.

...Not much.

And what do you know? It paid off for once!

The game got....sloppy in the 4th....

Thank you, @Spidr2ybanana (Gruden’s favorite play) for the Gruden analysis.

Gruden and Carr didn’t get along all game.

And it was caught on camera...

Did the Cardinals make Gruden pay for his conservatism?

Well it started with a DJ spinning a beat...

Rosen followed it up by delivering in a big way...first to Christian Kirk...

And then to Fitz...

Larry Larry Larry!

Andy Lee had a heck of a day punting, by the punt that got downed by Trent Sherfield at the 2 was a thing of beauty.

AZ tried to put the game away twice and couldn’t do it....mostly due to terrible tight end play. And dumb mistakes.

Two 15-yard penalties that killed AZ’s chances to seal the game for good.

But the Raiders got one more shot.....despite it being a ton of really sloppy play...

And when it came down to it?

They couldn’t finish the game, let up some big gains and blitzed at the end and it burned them as despite Oakland almost blowing it, they spiked the ball and Raiders K Daniel Carlson kicked a game-winner to sink the Cards.

Happy Gruden was on the sideline...despite a LOT of ups and downs throughout the game which were well worth watching.

It was....not a good loss, no positives to take away.

There’s a lot of negative fan reaction, as well deserved but there’s no reason to post some of those tweets here. A simple search for “Cardinals” “Wilks” “Keim” will serve you well but I’ll close with this from our own site manager:

Not much left to say indeed.

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