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Arizona Cardinals finally the worst, lose to Oakland Raiders 23-21

The Arizona Cardinals did the impossible. Found a way to lose to the miserable Oakland Raiders.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Well… that was something.

The Arizona Cardinals are officially the worst.

Oh sure, they won't end the season with the worst record, but there are little to no redeeming qualities left to find.

Their rookie quarterback threw a career high three touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions that directly resulted in two Oakland Raiders touchdowns.

The Cardinals defense gave up 152 yards rushing to a team averaging 97 a game.

They created no turnovers and gave up 23 points to a team that was averaging less than 15 a game.

Offensively, the Cardinals offensive line struggled against a defense that was last in sacks and had two interceptions after coming into the game with five.

Nothing comes out of this game positively outside of Andy Lee is good and David Johnson is closer and closer to looking like the 2016 version, including a touchdown run called back on a hold by Ricky Seals-Jones that would have salted the game away.

No, instead they continued to give life to a Raiders team that wanted to be dead.

No, now they sit with the most embarrassing loss of the 2018 season.

A home loss to a listless Raiders team.

It looks like it is time to clean house and start again for the Arizona Cardinals.