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Loss to Oakland Raiders leaves only one question... Is it time for Steve Wilks and Steve Keim to go?

What do the Arizona Cardinals do after hitting rock bottom?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Where do you begin?

Is it time to tear it all down and start fresh or were these expected growing pains with an overhaul the size of the one the Arizona Cardinals are going through?

That’s really what the question becomes.

If the Cardinals truly expected to contend and feel the personnel is strong enough, much to the chagrin of the national media, then there is only one culprit… Steve Wilks.

If the team thought it was good enough to contend despite not understanding how much talent they lacked through the roster, then it’s on Steve Keim and Wilks will be an innocent bystander.

If Michael Bidwill knew this was going to take time and was understanding that this 2018 season would be a lean one, then he knew this was a potential result of the season and despite the calls, will stay with his staff intact, with maybe some minor cosmetic changes.

That’s the crux of the entire situation in Arizona.

I don’t think there is a single scenario for Steve Wilks to be here and Steve Keim to not. Which means either Wilks goes in Keim’s Hail Mary to save his job or they are both gone. Or, maybe worst case for fans, they’re both back in 2019.

After a loss to the Oakland Raiders, a team that has willingly given away their best players to prepare for 2-3 years down the road, the only question left is is this a staff, a regime that can work and get things right. Or was this just a swing and a miss?

If you know it’s a mistake, moving on is never the wrong thing, even if it is not easy.