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Arizona Cardinals offense worst in sustaining drives, producing big plays

The Cardinals are the worst offense in the NFL in sustaining drives or manufacturing big plays, a recipe for disaster.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In the opening statement of Steve Wilks tenure as Arizona Cardinals Head Coach, he stated his desire of controlling the ball on offense, running the football and winning with defense.

Well, the team was built in that image and that didn’t help anything, as the Arizona Cardinals have the fewest amount of drives taking five minutes or longer in the NFL:

What makes the statistic even more disconcerting is the fact that the team was built in the image of the run game and ball control offense, hamstringing its ability to produce big plays as well, and that shows up every Sunday.

While these tweets were to illustrate the fall of the Dallas Cowboys offense, it goes hand in hand with the Arizona Cardinals as well.

A team that wanted to change its identity did so, but in the process completely corrupted itself of being able to attain big plays as well. In the meantime, the vaunted run game that Wilks and company had wanted never materialized, meaning that this is a team with no offensive identity.

They can’t control the ball and wear teams down. They can’t produce explosive plays that put up points in a hurry.

No, instead what you have a is a completely neutered offense with no punch.

The move to Byron Leftwich will likely help with this at times, but more than a coaching problem, there is a personnel and identity problem, that cannot be fixed in season.