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Larry Fitzgerald’s first career spike creates betting line for the Arizona Cardinals receiver

Online oddsmakers have a line on whether Larry Fitzgerald will spike the ball again in 2018.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to gambling you can bet on almost anything.

Hell, if you are so inclined you can bet on the upcoming elections on November 6th, that is how much the world of gambling allows you to throw your money at things.

Enter the folks over at at who are there for all things betting.

On Sunday when Larry Fitzgerald, for the first time in his career spiked the ball after a 2-point conversion that gave the Cardinals their final margin of victory, the site took note.

This week, they dropped the extremely amusing prop bet:

Will Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald spike the ball again this season?

YES 5/1 (+500)
NO 1/9 (-900)

First off, Fitz since apologized:

“I”ve never spiked a ball before in my life,” Fitzgerald said to reporters. “I was a little frustrated and had a heavy heart today because my son Devin — my oldest son — didn’t want to come to the game today. My feelings were a little hurt, so I was carrying that around all day. So when I got in there, I kind of let it out.”

“To all the kids that are watching, I’m sorry I set a bad example today.”

So, it seems unlikely that Fitz will be doing that again, but if you want to make $100, throwing $20 on it would do so.

Man, bye weeks are tough.