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Arizona Cardinals have the third pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.... For now

The Arizona Cardinals hold the third pick as of now, but that will likely change by the end of the season.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

As miserable seasons go, this is astonishingly enough shaping up to be the worst one in Arizona Cardinals history. Which is saying something.

The cherry on top of the crap sundae thus far is that despite losing to the Oakland Raiders at home, the Cardinals still sit behind them in the current 2019 NFL Draft order.

  1. San Francisco 49ers (2-9) SOS: .455
  2. Oakland Raiders (2-9) SOS: .517
  3. Arizona Cardinals (2-9) SOS: .533

Of course, the Raiders have not played the Kansas City Chiefs at all yet, so their strength of schedule will skyrocket over just those two games alone. They also have games against the Pittsburgh Steelers who will move their SOS up as well. The problem is they also have games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos left, both of whom are below .500. The Bengals will likely finish below .500 with their injuries, but the Broncos have a pretty favorable last five games, including games against the Raiders and 49ers, so they could boost the Raiders SOS above the Cardinals.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals get three teams, the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions, who all could finish below .500 this year, but they still have those darn Rams and Seahawks.

The biggest question is the 49ers.

They sit basically locked into first place, but have two games against the Seahawks, one against the Broncos, one against the Bears and one against the Rams.

The question will be those last two games, as the Bears and Rams could have their divisions locked up, and could potentially rest starters. If that happens could the 49ers steal a win?

This is what we are relegated too at this point. Strength of Schedule watching for NFL draft order.